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PRAjax_Component_UpdatePanel - PHP Reflected Ajax

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PRAjax - PHP Reflected Ajax

This package can be used to reflect PHP code into JavaScript and Ajax methods and vice-versa.

The following features make this library worth using:

  • Allows easier Ajax programming with PHP
  • PHP functions and objects can be reflected to JavaScript
  • PHP objects can be used in JavaScript, both properties and (registered) functions
  • PRAjax creates all wrappers for the developer
  • Automatic conversion of return values and parameters between PHP and JavaScript
Examples can be found in the examples directory.


version:  PRAjax v$PRAJAXVER$
copyright:  Copyright (C) 2005 - 2006, Maarten Balliauw
author:  Maarten Balliauw <>


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require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/SAXParser.php') [line 28]

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